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  1. Emax

    Corruzione nella Zona 3 (Postcard #31)

    An unfamiliar element threatens the natural balance of the forest…

    © Hypixel Studios

  2. Emax

    Spirito Elementale (Postcard #29)

    Spirits of elemental earth are protective of the magic-rich environments in which they form…

    © Hypixel Studios

  3. Emax

    Armadilli (Postcard #30)

    Two sturdy armadillos take shelter in a secluded spot…

    © Hypixel Studios

  4. Emax

    Combattimento (Postcard #34)

    The combat capabilities of a Hytale avatar change dramatically depending on the weapon they wield. Here's a peek at some of the new abilities and FX we're working on!

    © Hypixel Studios

  5. Emax

    Buon Halloween!

    Hi everyone! We just wanted to wish the whole Hytale community a happy Halloween. We've been hard at work on Hytale and remain super grateful for your support and patience this year. Have a great time this weekend! #Hytale

    © Hypixel Studios

  6. Emax

    Panorama (Postcard #35)

    © Hypixel Studios

  7. Emax

    Casa nella Zona 1 (Postcard #33)

    It's important to us that the world of Hytale feels inviting and immersive - a place where players can make their mark!

    © Hypixel Studios

  8. Emax

    Hytale Pride (Postcard #32)

    We're committed to empowering players to celebrate the full spectrum of their identities and experiences through their Hytale avatars. Happy #Pride from the Hytale team!

    © Hypixel Studios

  9. Emax

    Combattimento nei dungeon (Postcard #1)

    Deep-delving treasure hunters must be prepared to face scavengers, beasts, and worse...

    © Hypixel Studios

  10. Emax

    Rovine del deserto (Postcard #2)

    Unbound wind whips against crumbling shelters in the shadow of sand-scoured desert ruins...

    © Hypixel Studios

  11. Emax

    Mosshorn che mangia (Postcard #3)

    The Mosshorns are positively giddy about all the love that they’ve received from the Hytale fan art community! Or maybe they’re just hungry…

    © Hypixel Studios

  12. Emax

    Caccia (Postcard #4)

    A moment of respite in a shaded grove, as dusk sets in over a distant ridgeline...

    © Hypixel Studios

  13. Emax

    Foresta infestata (Postcard #5)

    Looming horrors await in these sinister, night-chilled woods…

    © Hypixel Studios

  14. Emax

    Coltivazioni di zucche (Postcard #6)

    Perusing a pumpkin patch for the perfect pick…

    © Hypixel Studios

  15. Emax

    Torre nella Zona 2 (Postcard #7)

    A soaring mage’s tower rises beyond the dunes, promising a new challenge to any intrepid adventurers which may be passing by…

    © Hypixel Studios

  16. Emax

    Costruzione di un capanno (Postcard #8)

    This worn-down hut has so much potential - but first things first!

    © Hypixel Studios

  17. Emax

    Avamposto Zona 3 (Postcard #9)

    This frozen keep bears the scars of a war fought long ago…

    © Hypixel Studios

  18. Emax

    Alba (Postcard #10)

    The sun rises over the rivers and forests of a land unexplored…

    © Hypixel Studios

  19. Emax

    Sottosuolo della Zona 2 (Postcard #11)

    There are plenty of good reasons for well-prepared adventurers to dig deep beneath the desert...

    © Hypixel Studios

  20. Emax

    Foresta autunnale (Postcard #12)

    Away from the green of the grasslands, these venerable woods remember Orbis as it was...

    © Hypixel Studios

  21. Emax

    Palude (Postcard #14)

    It’s time for our first postcard of 2021! At this bend in the river, the swamp gives way to an altogether more mysterious stretch of forest...

    © Hypixel Studios

  22. Emax

    Architettura (Postcard #15)

    Architects and artisans have an important role to play in the adventure to come…

    © Hypixel Studios

  23. Emax

    Libreria (Postcard #17)

    Collectors and scholars work diligently to discover the secrets of Orbis…

    © Hypixel Studios

  24. Emax

    Aurora Boreale (Postcard #18)

    There's more to these woods than darkness and danger…

    © Hypixel Studios

  25. Emax

    Panorama Zona 1 (Postcard #19)

    An explorer takes a moment to catch their breath after a challenging ascent...

    © Hypixel Studios

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